About Me
My name is Tugrul Karacan and i am an illustrator, a self taught artist. Born and raised in Izmir. I studied visual communication design in Istanbul but i loved drawing more than designing. Now i moved to California. I have never thought i would be a professional illustrator until i became one. I started drawing to the corners of my math book in high school. Then i got better at drawing and found better equipment to draw with (at least better than my math books and borrowed pencils). 
Illustration, Character Design, Digital Art
The Robot That Said Moo
The Robot That Said Moo is a beautiful children's story written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by me. It is about a innocent robot kid that looks lost. And everybody is trying to help him. It is not that easy though. 
Illustration, Character Design, Digital Art
Procreate Sketches
I have been doing digital illustration for almost 10 years now. I have started with a wacom intuous and tried almost every digital device with pen. Procreate app with apple pencil is one of the best experiences i have ever had. Its just so fun to use.
Illustration, Character Design, Digital Art
iPad Pro Sketches
Some sketches that i did with iPad Pro
Illustration, Digital Art
Osman is a character that created for a childrens book magazine. I wrote and illustrated this comic weekly for 3 years.
Illustration, Cartooning, Digital Art
Lumberjack and Stork
Story of a lumberjack and a stork.
Digital Art, Illustration, Painting
Illustrations for a Childrens Magazine
illustrations for a childrens book magazine.
Character Design, Digital Art, Illustration
Turkish Airlines 200+ Map Game Design
200+ is an Geography Game created for Turkish Airlines. It is designed by me. Its name changed to "Flying Pin" before release.
Advertising, Game Design, UI/UX
Illustrations before 2011
Illustrations for children.
Illustration, Painting, Digital Art
The Expat Blues
This is an illustration for a newspaper.